“Throughout The many years (twelve, maybe more?) that we have done business with Maintenance Center, your service and expertise have been exceptional. Your equipment recommendations have always been on target—simple, practical, with advanced enough technology to meet future needs. Not only were you able to meet all of our criteria, but you also kept the cost within our budget. Installation was quick, on schedule and with out interruption to running our business. All of these attributes would be reason enough to recommend you to anyone contemplating doing any business with The Maintenance Center ASG..”
Diana Hammond / Greenwich, CT 

“My working experience with ASG has always been one of mutual respect. They are honest & reliable sales people who have always been available to this agency if we had any problems or training issues. If I were purchasing a new system for this agency They would be the right people to contact..”
John Davenport / Indianapolis, IN

“I had two outdated facilities that needed significant upgrades to our phone and internet capabilities. The Maintenance Center came up with cost effective, innovative solutions that increased our marketing and customer service levels. Very easy to reach technical support has only added to our satisfaction.”
Matt Gilmore, San Luis Obispo, CA

“We are a Small company only about 7 people and were not sure if we even needed a phone system vs. just having regular land lines but after speaking with Maintenance Center we had no doubt in our mind that getting a PBX system would not only make things easier but sales would increase and sure enough it did..”
Augustus Stergis / Miami, FL 

“The one feature we are most excited about is the ability to integrate our mobile smartphone network into our current phone system. Your solution saved us thousands of dollars and provided us with an excellent phone system that simply works.”
Vivian Hill / Middleboro, MA

“Our new phone system does everything we asked for and more. It’s extremely easy to use and ensures we don’t miss any important calls or customers. Your team has provided us with excellent training and we are grateful to have you as our telecommunications service provider. Many thanks!”.”
Jennifer Duke / Fort Worth, TX

“We have been using Maintenance Center for more than three years now and are completely satisfied. Their sales team takes great care of our account and they are always great with support calls and assistance.”
Rebecca Ridgewood, Brooklyn, NY​